Kragthorpe, long form

U of L football coach Steve Kragthorpe held his longest press conference as U of L coach today, 58 minutes of Q&A with local reporters. I was there, even if my voice always wasn’t.

At first review, the most remarkable thing about today was Kragthorpe’s more impassioned insistence that he is staying. It was a little bit of a Norman Dale moment from Hoosiers, but instead of saying, “This is your team,” the message was, “This is your coach.”

The big difference, of course, is that Jimmy Chitwood isn’t walking through that door at U of L.

Nonetheless, he provided a little insight into his thinking, though he didn’t offer much departure from what he has already said on various issues. C.L. Brown is working on a follow story for tomorrow’s paper, and I’m working on a bigger-picture piece to run sometime in the not-too-distant future.

When you try to deconstruct, then put back together, what has transpired in this program, it really is quite a combination of woe. And some mistakes.

I’ll blog more on this soon. After my medicine has kicked in.


9 thoughts on “Kragthorpe, long form

  1. I for one did appreciate his recognition that he didn’t “deserve” another contract extension.Keep on him, Eric–voice or no voice.Fans do deserve a detailed plan.

  2. Krag said, “fans can hate him” all they want, just support the players. Fans don’t hate you Mr. Krag, you just ruin a football program and won’t admit failure.

  3. One last thought, Eric:Your father wrote a wonderful farewell today, his last column.He’ll be missed. I’m sure you’re as proud of him as he is of you.

  4. Kragthorpe said he is not a quitter and sounds like Ron Cooper meaning he will take all he can get out of the school. If the players love to play for him, why do they loaf? He needs to get better players and assistants. Jeff Brohm not a good offensive coordinator.

  5. Krags has a great offensive mind, his coaching is seriously offending me. I expect a early to mid-season firing next year if he doesn’t step down now.

  6. By definition a team is well coached when good coaching is exhibited in the teams performance. A well-coached team will look well coached even in defeat. Is there anyone in Louisville outside of the cuddle buddies Jurich and Kragthorpe who will make the claim that UL has looked well coached under Kragthorpe? Not likely unless they are on the athletic department payroll.Has anybody ever asked Kragthorpe if he can identify what is broken in his program? Does he even know what is wrong? He’s never given any indication he understands his problems and he’s never given any solutions in public. Without sharing whatever insights he has about these issues, there is no reason to have any confidence in his ability to perform and deliver a winning percentage that is acceptable.And guess what? Hiding behind empty clichés like “fighting, scratching, clawing and battling” wont pass for knowledge or competence. Any girl scout can talk like that.Let’s face it; his incompetence has delivered new levels of national embarrassment to UL football fans. The TV announcers were laughing at Kragthorpe’s team against RutgersJurich’s reputation will begin to sink lower next year as he allows Kragthorpe to dig the hole deeper and deeper.

  7. Eric,If you have to, scream from the rooftops to make this coach tell the fans SOMETHING. He has done nothing but destroy a program that was on the cusp of greatness. Jurich is supposed to be a football man and promised when he got here that Louisville would be competitive in football (see ya Ron Cooper). With Stevie boy in place, who in their right minds are going to pay premium prices for the expanded stadium and watch these horrible teams he sends out on the field?

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