Earl is a pearl vs. Ohio

It happened time and again against Ohio’s zone defense. Earl Clark flashed into the high post, got the ball, then fired a dart to the corner for an open three, or turned with the dribble for a mid-range bank from the block.

Clark, when he gets the ball at the free-throw line, can make as many things happen as he wants to. In last night’s blowout win over Ohio, however, there was a new crispness to his passing, and a new intensity aimed at making things happen.

Clark did a great job scoring and rebounding last season. Add the kind of passing he displayed last night, and a measure of toughness when the Big East season rolls around, and you’re looking at a lottery pick.

NBA scouts want to see if he can stand up to the pounding that the NBA game would dish out. But they’re bound to be impressed with the multi-dimensional play he showed yesterday.

I said before the season that the offense would likely have to flow through the hands of Terrence Williams, and there will be plenty of times when that is the case. But against the kind of zone Ohio played, it was Clark who the offense ran through, and it ran pretty well.

I haven’t seen him pass it better or make better decisions with the ball.

We’ll have to see the Cards against better competition to make a real judgment, but if Clark is going to be that effective in the high post, it’s a key development for this team.


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