Cantwell signs with an agent (and check out his new place)

This just in from a pretty reliable source when it comes to Hunter Cantwell — his dad, Tom.

After talking with 171 agents (me, not Hunter), Hunter has decided to go with Rep 1 Sports, partners and cousins, Ryan and Bruce Tollner, out of Irvine, CA.

They flew Brenda, Hunter and me out on Saturday and we flew back on Monday. He announced his commitment on Sunday night at a party they threw for him at Bruce Tollner’s
home out in “the Valley.”

The whole Rep 1 team is a class act. We first met with them in June in Louisville. They stayed true to their word. Hunter had it narrowed down to Pat Dye’s group out of Atlanta, and Vann McElroy’s group in Houston. Pat and Vann are super people who we liked a lot. Unfortunately, Hunter could, obviously, only choose one agency.

Rep 1 currently represents quarterbacks Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers; Trent Edwards, Bills; Colt Brennan, Redskins; Mark Brunnell, Saints, et al.
Hunter is in training in Carlsbad, Calif. Rep 1 has put him up in a condo (photos above) that is one block from the Pacific. On the roof is an observation deck where you can see about 6 miles out to sea and about 10 miles up and down the beach. He will be working out at a Velocity Performance Center.
He has a personal speed and strength coach; multiple QB coaches, including Ted Tollner (Bruce’s father) who is the QB coach of the San Francisco 49ers; and a nutritionist who will prepare him five daily meals, specially prepared for his nutritional needs.

All I would add is good luck to Hunter. He’s a first-class person in every respect, and deserves whatever success he finds.


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