Clark, Patterson draft buzz

Didn’t catch this late last week, but pass it along now. While some have questioned why Earl Clark of Louisville and Patrick Patterson of Kentucky haven’t been more dominant this season, NBA scouts aren’t among them.

Clark has done a good job not trying to force things, as many players do after coming back from declaring for the draft. While Patterson has continued to play well despite not getting the ball as much as he should in scoring position down low.

While I still think U of L is working to precisely define his role, Clark has had consistently productive performances in a variety of areas. And Patterson’s point output only figures to improve as UK’s guard play matures and the team better executes coach Billy Gillispie’s mandate to get the ball inside.

In this piece for, Chad Ford writes lists both Clark and Patterson

On Clark:

A 17-point, 14-rebound, 8-assist game versus Ohio is just the type of performance that makes NBA scouts love Clark. His versatility, athleticism, length and ability to see the floor have some scouts saying he’s a better version of Boris Diaw. Clark needs to be more aggressive on the offensive end and improve his consistency, but many scouts believe that at the end of the day, he’ll hear his name called in the lottery.

On Patterson:

Patterson has an NBA body and athleticism, and lately his numbers at Kentucky attest to it. He had 31 points versus Lamar, 19 points and 16 rebounds versus Miami, and then 21 and 10 versus Mississippi Valley State. He’s shooting a ridiculous 73 percent from the field and is showing some nice offensive versatility. Ideally, Patterson would be a few inches taller than 6-8, but his explosive leaping ability and his long wingspan make up for much of it. Scouts still have him ranked in the 20s, but he’s the type of player who could really rise as we get closer to the draft.


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