Tuesday Top 10

It’s a new feature here on the blog. And like all new creations, it is born of alliteration.

That’s right, we’re rolling out a Tuesday Top 10. I’m not doing it on Thursday, because there’s already a Thursday feature, the C-J’s 11 a.m. webcast I do with Rick Bozich. LIVE! And, because no other days of the week start with “T,” here we are.

This week’s list is inspired by my friend and former C-J staffer Brian Bennett, now the Big East blogger for ESPN.com. Bennett did his best to give University of Louisville fans a little holiday cheer this week in his season wrap-up for the Cardinals’ football team.

He writes, What’s next: The benefit of not playing in a bowl is that Louisville’s coaching staff can focus all its attention on recruiting, and they sure need a big haul this winter.”

Ah, the benefits of not playing in a bowl. Cue the Top 10 intro music (hum your own, we don’t have that in the budget). This week’s Top 10, from the home office on Bardstown Road . . .

Top Ten Benefits of NOT playing in a Bowl for U of L . . .

10. No worries about the Florida sun’s harmful ultra-violet rays.

9. Quick access to JUCOs before they’re picked over like a thrift store.

8. Eliminates risk of injury before spring practice.

7. You see the bowls better in HD anyway

6. Five words: No more 4th-and-ones.

5. Keeps ESPN announcers from treating one more U of L game like a Laugh Factory audition.

4. Programmatically, beating both teams in the St. Petersburg bowl is just as good as winning it.

3. Squelches criticism of U of L going to too many crappy bowls.

2. Allows trophy case add-on in recruiting lounge to retain that clean, minimalist look.

And the No. 1 benefit of not playing in a bowl . . .

1. Home for Christmas!


9 thoughts on “Tuesday Top 10

  1. I’ve heard that a lot of Brohm’s calls get overruled by Koach Kantkoach anyway so this could be possible. And it could mean a lot of the poor play choices weren’t Brohm’s fault but K’s. And we are in a bowl. It’s the Toilet Bowl!

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