Live from Cincinnati

I’m here at U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, site of the University of Louisville’s Big East-SEC Challenge game against Ole Miss in an hour or so.

Cincinnati and Mississippi State are midway through the second half at the moment.

A few observations:

— Not too long ago, you couldn’t have a UC game in this building without a packed house. I’d say the place is half-full for this game.

— Of course, not too long ago, U of L would have brought enough to fill at least half the place, though Pitino says Card fans have bought less than 1,000 tickets from the school.

— I think I just saw Ole Miss coach Andy Kennedy in the concourse beating the crap out of an usher. Will confirm.

— Who cooked up these Big East-SEC matchups? Could they have put together any less appealing games if they tried? And what’s up with a neutral court for U of L-Ole Miss? Campus sites are better. This is a conference pairing that hasn’t taken off in the four-game a year format. I say they need to go bigger with it, or not at all.

— Cincinnati is working diligently on dribbling away an 18-point halftime lead.

— In the hallway before I headed down to the court, an ESPN reporter was trying to get the taxi driver Andy Kennedy allegedly punched on the air for an interview.

— That’s enough for now. I should warn readers now, new deadlines at The Courier-Journal are going to change the dynamics of some of these late games. Readers in the city will get a column filed at the buzzer of this game. Those in outlying areas will get a column I filed before the game even started. A full column, after postgame interviews and, hopefully, a pinch of thought by me, will be online as soon as I can post it. It’ll be here, and on the main page at

More to come . . .


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