More pregame from Cincinnati

U of L is on the court warming up, but no word yet on the starting lineup. The Cards will have the bulk of the support at US Bank Arena, which isn’t saying a whole lot, but better than the alternative, though a few UC fans may stick around to cheer against their rival, or for their former coach.

I thought I saw Andy Kennedy in the concourse just now, punching a worker at a concession stand. Will have to confirm.

Photographers are lined up two-deep behind me by the tunnel back to the Ole Miss locker room to catch Kennedy when he comes out, kind of like a perp walk.

Ole Miss brought no band or cheerleaders. U of L brought all the spirit groups.

Now we get to see if the Cards brought their A-game to go along with it.
This one is a challenge because I don’t know if there’s much way to zone Ole Miss’ guards, unless Pitino wants to get creative and go with a 3-2 zone.

The Cards have not looked good containing anyone off the dribble this year, and that’s how the Rebel guards generate most of their offense.

We have no starting lineups, but I’d be surprised if Andre McGee and Preston Knowles didn’t get the start at guard, for defensive purposes.

Because of the deadline crunch, I won’t be blogging much live, but will try to update from time to time.


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