Live from Freedom Hall

Watching the University of Kentucky and Appalachian State warm up in front of a half-full Freedom Hall. Not quite like some of the crowds we used to see here for UK-Indiana, which I considered one of the best atmospheres of the season in college basketball.

Still, it’s a tradition, and I’ll say here, one that should continue. UK has played a game in Freedom Hall every year since it opened. UK is 56-17 in Freedom Hall and 119-32 in the city of Louisville.

I know University of Louisville fans don’t like it, but as long as there’s a publicly financed facility in the city of Louisville, UK should keep playing a game in it.

I’d say 40 percent of UK’s fan base resides in Jefferson and the surrounding counties, and its tradition of playing games here is a reasonable one.

More likely is that UK may continue its Freedom Hall tradition once the new arena is completed, given that scheduling will be a lot more flexible.

I hope U of L will return to Freedom Hall once in a while, too. The building’s basketball history is tremendous, and I’ll confess I’m a little concerned about what will happen to the old place once it’s not the home of the Cardinals.

Now, some notes on UK in Louisville:

— UK has won 6 of its last 7 in Freedom Hall and 23 of its last 27.

— UK’s first game in Louisville was in 1908. The Wildcats lost to the Louisville Cardinals 30-18.

— UK won 32 straight games in Louisville from 1946 to 1951.

— UK won its 1958 national title in Freedom Hall.

— Nine of UK’s 25 SEC Tournament titles were won in Louisville.


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