Coming attractions

First off, a happy Christmas Eve to everybody.

A couple of U of L-football related pieces on the way after the holiday.

I talked at length to several people who have been the most involved in building U of L football from the ground up this week: Howard Schnellenberger, John L. Smith and Tom Jurich, as well as to several national observers on what the long-term prospects for this program really are, and on what the steps are to building the thing back.

You can read their comments in Friday’s paper, unless there are changes to the publication schedule caused by news events.

A particularly interesting take by Schnellenberger, who will find himself on the different side of the issue from a lot of riled-up U of L fans with this comment.

It’s unfortunate that they had a great coach leave two seasons ago, and it wouldn’t appear that it should necessarily follow that there would be that big a dropoff if he had been doing things to ensure that there would be stability moving forward.

Schnellenberger generally speaks his mind and isn’t too worried about the politics of these matters, so that’s an interesting remark coming from him. Watch for a great deal more, including some remarks from a lengthy talk I had with Jurich, in Friday’s paper.

I’m also working on an exit interview with outgoing defensive coordinator Ron English, for his take on the U of L program.

Also check out the blog on the days these stories run for expanded comments that didn’t make the paper.

And next week I’ll be covering UK’s appearance in the Liberty Bowl.


8 thoughts on “Coming attractions

  1. Hopefully we won’t hear the same tired excuses from Jurich and company. But if anyone expects Schnelly, JLS, or anyone else to “criticize” KragCoop, think again. It won’t happen, at least not on record. But bottom line is KragCoop is possibly the worst football coach in the history of the school.

  2. You are a good guy Eric and I am looking forward to the story. Unfortunately, the UofL athletic department resembles the old Soviet Union when it comes to dealing with the truth so I expect the same old spin out of them, about how it is all the fans’ and Petrino’s fault and poor Tom and Steve are the victims. I don’t envy you in having to deal with those comrades.

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