U of L fooball: roll call of the departed

The following is as complete a list as I can come up with of departures, dismissals and no-shows, by recruiting class, in recent years. Corrections or additions, if you have them, are welcome. A no-show is only a guy who actually signed a letter then never made it to campus.


Cedric Atchison (never made it)
Shane Bailey (transfer)
Thomas Boyce (transfer)
Todd Brigman (transfer)
Josh Deer (scholarship revoked)
Antwuan Giddens (never made it)
Willie Johnson (dismissed)
Devon May (quit)
Early McCray (transfer)
Eddie Miller (transfer)
Eric Miller (transfer)
Thomas Miller (transfer)
Brent Moody (transfer)
Wayne Riles (transfer)
B.J. Vickers (never made it)
Josh Williams (quit)

Elijah Daniel (transfer)
Anthony Douglas (never made it)
Phillip Moody (transfer)
Lamar Myles (declared for NFL draft)
Devin Shivers (transfer)
Drew Steinmetz (transfer)
Josh Waller (never made it)
Davis Manning (transfer)
Mario Urrutia (declared for NFL draft)

Michael Adams (career-ending medical condition)
Lamar Alston (dismissed)
Marcel Benson (career-ending medical condition)
Steven Black (never made it, at Memphis)
Careg Bonner (dismissed)
Blake Boyd (transferred to WKU)
Rod Council (dismissed)
Mike Donoghue (career-ending medical condition)
Maurice Grinter (never made it)
Marcus Gordon (transferred)
Jonathan Holston (dismissed)
Craig James (left team)
E.K. Sawyerr (left team)
JaJuan Spillman (dismissed)
George Stripling (dismissed)
Lee Sweeney (transfer)

Anthony Allen (transfer)
Jeremy Baker (transfer)
Kareem Crowell (never made it)
Demetrius Culpepper (never made it)
Aundre Henderson (quit)
Tyler Wimsatt (dismissed)
Emanuel Francis (never made it)
Josh Hawkins (never made it)
Peanut Whitehead (career-ending medical condition)

Dale Martin (transferred)
James McKinney (academics)
Josh Miller (transferred)

C.J. Millenbaugh (transferred)


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