Awaiting 'finalization' at U of L

A pretty bizarre turn of events in the past few days with the University of Louisville football coaching staff.

With rumor and speculation running wild, the C-J asked for a clarification of offensive coordinator Jeff Brohm’s status today and got a firm, definite, “We don’t know.”

A statement from U of L coach Steve Kragthorpe, as provided by the school’s sports information office: “We are evaluating the entire staff,” Kragthorpe said. “We hired Larry Slade and Brent Guy on the defensive side and Jay Johnson on the offensive side. At this point in time those specific coaching assignments have yet to be finalized.”

It’s unusual, to say the least. One of the most-asked questions of the postseason is, “Who was actually calling the majority of the plays this season?” I’ve heard contradicting answers, and honestly, unless you had on a headset this season, you’re not going to be in position to know. So no need to fuel further fire with info that isn’t first-hand.

Regardless, if I were Brohm, I’d probably be packing my bags, or at least getting ready for a Sabbatical. I doubt Jeff needs the money. And I’m pretty sure he doesn’t need the headache.


19 thoughts on “Awaiting 'finalization' at U of L

  1. I guess Kragthrope figures if this is his make or break year he is going to call his own plays. I love Brohm has a UL guy but if he called the plays this season maybe he is not ready yet. As Eric says we really don’t know who called them but the play calling was not very good. There is rumors out there that Kragthrope want to runs something closer to a spread off ense which Brohm has never coached. I am sure Brohm will move on to a place he is wanted. OC for Howard might be a good fit.

  2. The train wreck continues. In order to build it “the right way,” don’t you have to build it in the first place? Considering we’re in the mid-80’s in recruiting rankings (and should have had a jump on other schools during bowl season), I see absolutely no building at all.

  3. Mr. Crawford,You have asked in the past for suggestions of things readers want asked of Louisville athletics administration. Here is something that needs to be asked:If the situation at Louisville has been bad the last two seasons because of numbers and an abnormal number of departures and injuries, why has there been so much turnover in the coaching staff in the past two seasons – both offensively and defensively?

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