Q&A: Miller resignation

The emails are coming hot and heavy, most of them sound like Mike’s below:

Q: Eric, do we need any more proof than Bill Miller’s resignation that this is a football program in shambles, free-fall, whatever else you want to call it? This will be something like four defensive coordinators that Kragthorpe has had in just over two seasons. Plus the Brohm stuff.

A: Well, Miller’s resignation in and of itself isn’t anything close to a sign of a free-fall.

You know, I’m a sports columnist. I pile on for a living. But while, as Miller said, the timing of his departure is unfortunate (much as dropping a match onto a stack of hay during a drought also is unfortunate timing), it’s also a pretty straightforward event that came about less because of dysfunction here than a desire of Miller to take advantage of what was, for him, a better offer.

I’m not saying being co-defensive coordinator at Kansas is a better job. Far from it. Shoot, I’d want to be a defensive coordinator in the Big 12 about as much as I’d like to be an excise officer on Bourbon Street.

But Miller has family in Kansas, including an aging father whose health is a concern, and it’s not exactly a no-name program he’s going to.

So, from the standpoint of this single move, no. I disagree. This isn’t a case of a guy grabbing any lifeboat off a sinking ship, not from what I’ve heard.

However, this news, on the heels of Matt Simms and Latarrius Thomas’ departures, in the midst of uncertainty about Jeff Brohm, at the end of a 5-win season and on the verge of one promising to be worse, in the middle of a recruiting campaign whose early returns have been mixed, it’s big.

This is a program in desperate need of good news, but it keeps generating the other kind, and it’s one of those deals where every hit seems to crash louder, even if it isn’t necessarily earth-shattering news on its own merit.

If I were going to point to anything as a troubling sign, I’d point to the Brohm situation, with this week’s unusual statement about offensive responsibilities and prolonged speculation allowing to run unaddressed, as more of a red flag than Miller’s departure.

More in a bit . . .


16 thoughts on “Q&A: Miller resignation

  1. EricI understand that deal about Coach Miller wanting to be with family and his father. Did he just figure this out in the past couple weeks?? Why would he accept the D-Coord job if he wasn’t 100% sure he’d be here. This is a problem and you watch how the UL staff and athletic admn throw Jeff Brohm under the bus.This is getting out of control.Wally in Louisville

  2. Anon. makes a good point. My take is while his father has something to do with it, the position at Kansas comes with far more job security than working under Kragthorpe who is clearly under fire.

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