Pitino and arrogance

Rick Pitino said in his news conference today, and I’m probably the chief offender, because I referred to the team’s three losses this year as “unthinkable,” that media who think in such terms are “arrogant.”

No. Arrogance has nothing to do with it. I understand upsets happen.

My point, probably too hastily made, was that given a U of L team with four starters returning from an Elite Eight team, given its four seasoned guards in the back court and wing players like Terrence Williams and Earl Clark, who would be the envy of any non-conference foe U of L played, none of us thought the Cards would lose games to Western Kentucky, UNLV or Minnesota.

I appreciate the scheduling hardships of Minnesota. It’s not arrogant to say that U of L should’ve beaten Western Kentucky, or a UNLV team that within two weeks of winning in Freedom Hall was losing back-to-back games at such storied venues as TCU and Colorado State.

I did have some readers write and suggest that “unthinkable” was too strong a word for me to use. Maybe they’re right.

But arrogance had nothing to do with it.

Pitino himself, after beating Pitt, said his team didn’t get caught up thinking “what might have been.”

Why is that even a temptation without acknowledging that those games were losses that should have been otherwise?

No, you can’t win every game. But nobody is suggesting that. All I was saying was that they shouldn’t have lost to WKU, UNLV or a Minnesota team that got into the national rankings on the strength of that one win over U of L, and since has faltered against better teams.

Call me ignorant. But arrogance has nothing to do with it!


8 thoughts on “Pitino and arrogance

  1. Now, what did NIT-pino say about the word “ARROGANCE”? That the players were showing their arrogance, right or wrong? Pleaz…keep in mind here I am still a little skeptical of Rick since we haven’t had a basketball banquet since Rick came here. Also, since he made Edgar Sosa walk home from the airport I am a little bit upset over that to this day!(wasn’t that after we lost to Western Kentucky?)or maybe it was Minnesota! Well, anyway, I agree totally with your column here. WE JUST GOT BEAT! Not be a better team or a better coach–a better team on the day the game was played! And, RICK NIT-PINO NEEDS TO DROP IT AT THAT! aND btw, Western has changed more than any team I have ever seen–they are the most ARROGANT PEOPLE IN THE WORLD NOW–THE ESPY APPARENTLY WENT TO THEIR HEAD! GO CARDS!

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