U of L and recruiting in Indiana

The Indianapolis Star has a short piece about the University of Louisville’s recruiting efforts at Lawrence North High School (Louisville North, some are calling it) in today’s paper. Read it by clicking here.

And while it’s certainly interesting to have four guys from one program committed to the same school, the bigger development from the U of L end isn’t that the program is cleaning up at one high school, but that it has entered the recruiting game in the city of Indianapolis at all.

Indiana, of course, is one of the most fertile basketball recruiting grounds in America, and is one that has gone under-utilized by both Kentucky and Louisville for years. It’s like having a big oil reserve under your farm, but refusing to drill into it.

Rick Pitino has changed that for U of L. He landed Kyle Kuric from Evansville, and anyone who has watched him play as a freshman knows he’s going to be an extremely valuable player to this program in future years. So now to move North and make headway in Indianapolis is big for this program, regardless of the eventual success of these Lawrence North players the Cardinals have landed.

U of L has been terrorized for years by Indiana natives — Dominic James, anyone? Rodney Carney? Luke Harangody? Western Kentucky has gone to Indiana and gotten guys like Anthony Winchester and Courtney Lee.

I don’t see any way in which the Indiana invasion isn’t a great move for Pitino and staff.


22 thoughts on “U of L and recruiting in Indiana

  1. Kuric was recruited by UL and Evansville. Enough said. They have 4 guys off North Lawrence, but not one of them is the best player on the team – Ferguson (UK).

  2. I only discussed U of L in this because The Star story centered around U of L, but certainly, all the same things could be said for UK.It’s important for both to try to become competitive for kids in the Hoosier state.Kuric was an Indiana All-Star. In general, if you get one of the better kids off that team, you have a chance to be good.Regardless, as I believe I said in the post, the quality of the kids is less important than the fact that U of L (and, as I said, UK) is putting a foot into the Indiana door.

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