Signing off, temporarily

It’s furlough time for me. I got to thinking the other day, I’ve been in this business for about 19 years, and I’ve never had time off in February, which is one of the more eventful months in sports writing around here. So this will be a little different.

At any rate, I won’t be updating this blog, won’t be writing columns and won’t be checking my Courier-Journal email or voice mail until next Monday, Feb. 9. Or as Walter Sobchak said, more or less, I won’t work, I won’t drive a car, won’t ride in a car, won’t pick up the phone, won’t turn on the oven and I sure as you-know-what won’t roll. Rick Bozich will still be manning the webcast on Thursday at 11, with a special guest, and, as usual, blogging enough for two men.

So if I don’t get back to you this week, you know why. Any important stuff you were going to send to me can go to or (502) 582-4361.


10 thoughts on “Signing off, temporarily

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