Rick Pitino post-game comments

Pitino’s comments after tonight’s 90-57 loss to Notre Dame:

I’m really upset at our players, the way we practiced going into this game and the way we played tonight. Our five men just were totally dominated. And not so much with Harangody scoring that many points, but just we didn’t grab a rebound. And that’s really disturbing. So, they did a great job and I hope it propels them like it did us two years ago.

Q: Did you get a sense early — you tried to call a lot of early timeouts — that if it slipped at that time it was going to wind up like this?

Yeah, I thought so. I thought we were gong into a hornet’s nest. I didn’t think we were going into an earthquake. I knew it would be a tough game. I was hoping that we’d play better. This was a game that they had to have. They played really well. You have to give credit to them. I could blame a hundred different things that we didn’t do. But it’s what they did that counts. You’ve got to give them credit and move on. Go to your next game. We just weren’t very good. But it’s because of their effort that we weren’t very good.

Q: Do you just throw this game tape away?

No, they’re going to watch every second and get humiliated. Because they humiliated themselves and they’re going to watch it again.

Q: It’s possible you could have played well and still not gotten the outcome you wanted. But what disappointed you the most in this?

I’m a big believer in you reap what you sow. And if you let Samardo just catch the ball and go up and dunk it in practice, how are you going to stop Luke Harangody? So we’re a little young at the five spot and he kicked everybody who played him. So if you don’t stop Samardo in practice, how you gonna stop (Harangody)? Because he’s one of the premier players in the country. It’s exactly what we got from practicing the way we practiced.

We’re very lucky to be 9-2. Very lucky. Our effort’s always been good. But our listening skills and our practice skills are not the best. Don’t get me wrong. They’re not dogging it. They just don’t practice with a purpose of getting better. It’s been that way the whole year. And it’s really not our young guys, it’s our veterans.

Q: You held them longer at usual at halftime. What do you say in that situation?

Well, you know, I didn’t go overboard with them, I just told them exactly, this is the way you practice, this is the way your defense has become. You’ve become a jump-shot team. And tonight, our inside people did not go up strong and they played very good post defense. So we’ll get ready for the next game.

Sometimes a good ass-kicking does you well. And this was about as good an ass-kicking as I’ve gotten in a long time. . . . (Since) Kansas, I think. Brings back good memories.


19 thoughts on “Rick Pitino post-game comments

  1. I watched the ball game last night (If that is what you want to call it.).What is with Williams, he hardly ever tried to shoot the last two games. Pitino gets millions for this kind of performance. Thats better than bank robbery. If I was going to throw a game, that is about how I would do it.

  2. That game is either the beginning of something special or the end of something that could have been special.Let’s go Cards!!

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