Gillispie lectures Leach

Tonight after the University of Kentucky was thrashed 77-59 by South Carolina, IMG Network play-by-play man Tom Leach asked the question the entire Commonwealth was asking afterward.

Why did Jodie Meeks sit for a long portion of the second half?

Gillispie’s response, transcribed from the post-game radio program:

BG: Well we weren’t getting much done. You know, he’s not guarding, not like he was, like he needs to. He’s not the only one, believe me. Just playing on his heels defensively and not rebounding nearly well enough. But he did OK. He played better than all of them except Pat, and you know if the game would’ve been a little bit different, he definitely wouldn’t have been over there on the sidelines. I’m just trying to play a few other guys a little bit. He just needed to guard a little bit better in that spot.

LEACH: Is it a situation where — consistently you’ve said your guys play hard, but it’s the smarts part — it’s got to be frustrating at this point that they haven’t maybe learned from their mistakes a little bit more?

BG: You know you’re great Tom, but the question talking about Jodie sitting over there for a long stretch in the second half, the questions that you should be asking in my opinion — and don’t take this the wrong way — is why is Perry and Josh and A.J. not playing. And I think everybody that had a chance to watch the game, I’m sick and tired of those guys not helping Pat. The first two plays of the game we’re just going to throw the ball away from that spot. I mean, man alive, when’s it going to stop? You know? So I really do appreciate the job you do, but I think that — maybe you were going to get to that question here in a minute — you know, Jodie sat when the game was over, or pretty much over. I never give up on a game, but our chances weren’t great. But those guys sat when the game was in the balance. And they’re just not giving us anything we need to have a chance to win against a hungry team on their home court vying for first place.

More to come on this loss both on the blog here a bit later, and in my Thursday C-J column . . .


34 thoughts on “Gillispie lectures Leach

  1. “Jodie sat when the game was over, or pretty much over.”Are you serious?!? There were 12 minutes left in the game! You sit the most lethal shooter in the nation?How about a defensive adjustment? I can’t believe a Kentucky coach just admitted to tanking a game. I’m really really really starting to think there is not a great deal of method to his madness. Sounds like he needs a rational voice in his ear. Fresh ideas, not “yes” men. Gillispie the RecruiterTubby the Bench Coach

  2. You know – his “Pat can do no wrong” philosophy is really quite disturbing. As good as a player as Patterson can be, he has terrible perimeter vision in the post and does not pass well out of the post. I wonder if NBA scouts are seeing the same thing. On the other hand, I’m relatively confident that Gillispie is telling Pat to shoot everytime the ball touches his hands. If he doesn’t start passing out of the post to Meeks on the perimeter, teams will keep collapsing on him when he catches the ball. There is not threat to get beat on the perimeter when Pat catches on the block. It really is disturbing that a coach at Gillispie’s level fails to see this or keep encouraging it.

  3. Gillispie the Recruiter?Sure, whatever.Signed Harrelson, Legion, Liggins, Galloway, and some scrub from Hampton.What a recruiter.

  4. I think that was sarcasm. Gillispie is worthless. There are probably 15 coaches in America that could have 5 or less losses with the guys we have. We have the 2 best players in the league, yet Gillispie can do absolutely nothing to compliment them.

  5. I have been a Gillispie supporter since the beginning and have stuck up for him when others were not. I do think he is a great recruiter (ie Patteron, Orton, Hood, Ferguson, and even Pilgrim shows promise) but he hasn’t grasped the fact that some of these players are not Kentucky caliber players. I’m not sure he fully understands the level he is playing at now and that he doesn’t have to go after average players. With all that said, The comments that I just read made by Gillispie are very concerning. “Jodie sat when the game was over, or pretty much over.”… Jodie was shooting 4 of 5 from the 3 before he went out and we all know he has the ability to single handedly bring the team back from a large amount down. He is making it sound like he gave up on the game and let them loose to spite the other guys on the team. What is really mind boggling is that if what he said is true then why did he put Meeks back in with 3 minutes to go in the game? I was waiting for an artivle today that would explain the actions of coach G but this response just worries me more than anything. To say Jodie played good but the game was over with 12 to go so I sat him…. very very disappointed in Billy G, especially after how much I stuck up for the guy.

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