Byron Crawford, Hall of Famer

I’ve been sitting on this for a while, but I’m happy now that the announcement has come to congratulate my dad, longtime Courier-Journal columnist Byron Crawford, for being selected to the Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame.

The induction will be in Lexington on April 14. You can read the official release here.

When my dad took the job, it meant the world to him that he was following in the footsteps of C-J legends Joe Creason and Allan Trout, who made the Kentucky column a fixture in the newspaper. Now I know it’s a thrill for him to be included in a Hall of Fame that also honored them.

He was nominated years ago, and word I got was that the person who nominated him was longtime WHAS sports director and legendary Voice of the University of Kentucky Wildcats Cawood Ledford, who worked with my dad at WHAS radio and television. I’m sure that’s a touch that may mean as much to him as the induction itself.

By way of update, he’s enjoying his retirement about as much as I’ve seen anyone enjoy one. At least, anyone who didn’t have a golden parachute waiting for him at the end! He’s staying pretty busy, speaking to groups around the region, spending time with my mom, his parents and the rest of us and compiling old columns for his third book.

So I’ve got a Hall of Famer working next door (C-J sports columnist Rick Bozich, recently voted to the U.S. Basketball Writers Association Hall), and now one in the family.

And I couldn’t be happier about it.


33 thoughts on “Byron Crawford, Hall of Famer

  1. That is fantastic. As a kid, we loved to watch him do stories on the news. He was so much a part of our lives that we referred to him regularly. When I read your post, one memory flashed back. We had built a slapdash clubhouse out behind my house. We were pretending to do a story about it while sitting on the roof. My friend Todd said while pretending to be your dad, “This is Byron Todd, on the road.” As soon as he said it, the roof caved in and we fell about five feet to the ground. We immediately started laughing as only 10 year old boys can do and that line stuck with us for a long time. Of course, we were obliged to fall down every time someone said it.A well deserved honor.

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