Patterson's return to UK no slam dunk

While Patrick Patterson did tell Lexington sportscaster Alan Cutler that he is returning to UK next season, the more you ask him about it, the more he seems to qualify his statement. Here’s what he said after today’s game when asked, “So is your return to UK a done deal, or will you test the NBA waters?”

Patterson: As my mom said right now, it’s come back. I want to come back, that’s what my mindset is right now. But depending on how the year finishes out, how everything plays out, with my draft stock and where I am in the predicted draft, talking to my coaches, just talking to my family members and teammates and everybody and how everything plays out later on down the stretch, we’ll evaluate everything again.

Reporter: So right now, it’s coming back, subject to change?

Patterson: (Laugh) Yeah. My mindset, for right now, I’m coming back.


12 thoughts on “Patterson's return to UK no slam dunk

  1. Sounds like Patterson isn’t allowed to have his own opinion. Too bad, I would have liked to know it. Good news for UK if he is back next year.

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