Louisville leads NCAA Nielsens

Not that we needed more proof about how basketball crazy this city is, but we got some more from an NCAA Tournament study released by Nielsen today. Among the key findings:

TELEVISION: The 2008 NCAA Tournament reached a total of 136.8 million TV viewers. Louisville delivered the highest-rated local market over the last five years.

ADVERTISING: TV ad revenue generated by the tournament has climbed 34 percent over the last five years. General Motors was the biggest advertiser during each of the last five tournaments. The cost of a 30-second commercial in last year’s championship game cost over $1 million.

ONLINE: ESPN and Yahoo! were the two most-visited sports sites last March with 19.8 and 19.4 million unique users, respectively. Traffic on the CBS Sports web brand shot up 59 percent in March 2008 over the previous month. Online buzz spiked dramatically in March for last year’s Cinderella team, Davidson.


10 thoughts on “Louisville leads NCAA Nielsens

  1. UL is probably the worst Top overall seed since the tourney begin. Losing to WKU, Minnesota, and UNLV, and losing by 33 to N.D. and 18 to UConn. I can’t think of a overall No.1 seed in history with that many bad losses.

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