Wrapping up from Dayton

Pretty typical day-before the regional stuff here in Dayton. Rick Bozich and I are staying about 30 minutes away from the arena, which is about the most unusual part of the trip so far.

U of L’s shootaround was, as usual, loose and free-spirited.

I heard a reporter from somewhere else say, “Louisville just came out, shot some free throws and started launching half-court shots.”

Not quite. They did run 30 minutes of shooting drills before launching up half-court shots.

Covering these things is interesting. You’re usually going to get very little of substance from people when they’re up on the podium, so most of us dash back to the locker rooms, which the NCAA mandates must be opened for 30 minutes once the press conferences begin.

Because of that, I don’t think Pitino got many questions today. Which was probably fine with him. Any one-on-one interaction you can get with players is worth ten press conferences.

One down side: You don’t get to watch much basketball. I caught most of the early games, but haven’t seen any of them since.

So far, my bracket has taken two hits: I picked Cal and BYU to win. So I’m 6-2 through the first eight, which I believe, is better than I started a year ago. One thing I noticed from the few games I’ve watched so far — the whistles appear to be tight. We’ll see if that holds for the rest of the games.

Much more to come from here . . .


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