Bill Clinton picks the Cards

On XM Satellite Radio today, former President Bill Clinton, a long-time college basketball follower, picked the University of Louisville as his national champion.

Some excerpts of his discussion on 60/20 Sports, the sports talk show hosted by James Carville and Luke Russert on XM 143.

When asked by Carville who he has in the Final Four, Clinton responded:

“Louisville, Memphis, Pittsburgh and North Carolina. Or Louisville [vs.] Connecticut. I can’t tell. Memphis may have a good enough defense but they’re skinny so UConn can probably match up against them and I think they’ll get by.”

Clinton went on to predict a Louisville-North Carolina final with the Cardinals emerging from a tight contest as National Champions.

“Louisville was so good to us the last go ’round I kind of think Louisville will win,” said Clinton. “But North Carolina I still believe, you know, they sort of show up sometimes and sometimes they don’t. If their point guard (Ty Lawson) is healthy they’re going to be hard to beat just because they’ve got great athletes. But I must say I was really impressed with Louisville at the end of the year. They were better than I thought they were and to win the Big East (Conference regular season) and then win the Big East Tournament, you know, I think they’re good.”

“If those two teams get in the final. Basketball doesn’t have a loser because Roy Williams is a great coach and Carolina, I still think they’ve got the best athletes if the point guard stays healthy. But Louisville has a way of playing, their defense is so great that if they can just make even two-thirds of their free throws all the way home I just think they’re going to be hard to beat. Defense, it seems to me tends to win National Championships and their defense is just so good that’s why I’m picking them. But I think it’s tight as a tick.”


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