Big Mo and sports

It has been just 48 hours since Gregg Doyel of CBS Sportsline wrote what was, at the moment, a completely appropriate and accurate column about what a great time it was to be a U of L basketball fan, and what a bad time UK fans were having.

This is one of the fascinating things about sports.

Not two days later, UK is dominating the national basketball scene, even above the upcoming Final Four. The news of John Calipari coming to be the next Wildcat coach (not official, but everything but), is burning so brightly that it is sucking the oxygen out of everything else.

Jim Rome was talking about it. It was a hot topic on PTI (followed a segment on U of L’s loss to Michigan State, followed by Five Good Minutes with Michigan State coach Tom Izzo).

U of L, meanwhile, lost a game in uncommonly ugly fashion. After being a media darling for two weeks, rising to No. 1 in the nation, the Cardinals’ only national mention today was as a foil in Michigan State highlights, and a hit on PTI talking about Rick Pitino’s “Guitar Hero” ad with Bob Knight, Mike Krzyzewski and Roy Williams.

Talk about changing the conversation.

The NCAA loss, isn’t the end of the world for U of L. Calipari’s hire does nothing to damage Pitino. The program remains in great shape, its women’s basketball team is playing for a shot at the Final Four tonight, construction continues on a new arena, and life remains good, if not quite as exciting as it was two days ago.

But it’s a sign, perhaps, of the quick change bold action can bring. UK has become the talk of the town, and the conversation has changed dramatically.


12 thoughts on “Big Mo and sports

  1. True, but we’ve had a heck-of-a nice run of national attention as March comes to a close.It was wonderful while it lasted.

  2. I wonder if Doyle would like to write a follow-up to his annointing of UL as “The Next Big Thing”. UL had a great season, but tomorrow morning I predict that the fortunes of Cats fans are going to take a turn for the better! Looking forward to some new juice for an old rivalry! We can expect some epic battles coming up between Pitino and Calipari – it might give Williams/CoachBuyAVowel a run! 😀

  3. Who really Cares, who is in the spotlight. Go ahead UK and hire Calipari, i hated him at memphis and i will hate him at UK. Besides i cant wait till the NCAA starts the investigation for Recruitment Violations in lets say 5 years. It only a matter of time before UK is on probation somethign their football fans know all to well.

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