On doughnuts, Calipari and Pitino

It was just an aside in John Calipari’s introductory news conference at the University of Kentucky, but it illustrates just what a strange trip things have become in Bluegrass basketball.

At one point, Calipari told the gathered media and dignitaries, “I love Dunkin’ Donuts, by the way.”

He wasn’t just trying to sound like one of the guys. My contacts in Memphis tells me that he’s a huge Dunkin’ Donuts coffee guy, and has been known to send managers out on the road to scout the town for Dunkin’ Donuts. They even say he had, on occasion, made the trip to Jackson, Tenn., — no small drive — for a cup of the stuff, he likes it so much.

Now, Cal told the crowd yesteday that he hasn’t had coffee for three months, trying to give up the stuff.

This might be some incentive for him. The owner of the Dunkin’ Donuts franchise in Lexington — with more on the way across Lexington and Central Kentucky, is a group called Fast Break Donuts LLC.

Among the owners of that group are Rick Avare, Jamal Mashburn, Walter McCarty and — you guessed it — Rick Pitino.

So every time Cal visits his favorite coffee and donut place, he’ll be paying Pitino.

Life moves in mysterious ways.


13 thoughts on “On doughnuts, Calipari and Pitino

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