A quick take on Rick Pitino


This morning, I had a surreal media moment.

I was preparing to do a live phone interview on ESPN’s SportsCenter about Rick Pitino and the Sacramento Kings. Pitino had already said he is not leaving Louisville, and then more specifically, through U of L sports information director Kenny Klein, that he was not going to the Sacramento Kings. The Kings owners, on the record, had said they’d had no contact with Pitino.

So a job that Pitino doesn’t want, for a team that doesn’t want him, and we’re going to talk about it live on “SportsCenter.”

These kinds of stories are some of the toughest to deal with as a reporter, because you honestly don’t know where the information is coming from.

My first thought on hearing this particular story is: “Rick Pitino is never going to live in Sacramento.”

Nothing against the place.

The problem is, there have been a lot of things lately that I’ve found myself reporting that I would’ve thought unheard of — so you don’t know what to think.

It’s important to note that Pitino has been pretty consistent in both knocking down individual rumors and in stating that he’s returning to U of L.

But events have added an intensity, I think, to this job speculation. I probably wouldn’t have given much thought to the Kings report, except that it came from a source, Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski, whom I know to be responsible and concientous.

And this afternoon, “NBA sources” told ESPN.com that Pitino’s “camp” actually initiated the contact with the Kings. And if that story is out there, you have to think now that other NBA teams with openings might be inclined to look his way more than they otherwise might have.

One emailer already wrote to me asking, “Why doesn’t Pitino just put out a definitive statement and stop this once and for all.”

The problem is, he put out a definitive statement less than 24 hours ago. Definitive statements are only good, it seems, until the next rumor rolls around.

The problem U of L has at the moment is that there’s an appearance of uncertainty. Maybe that’s not the reality. But the appearance is there. Rumors. An unusual legal situation. The departure of an assistant that happened to be the coach’s son.

And I’m guessing that appearance is only going to fuel more of this.


14 thoughts on “A quick take on Rick Pitino

  1. Pitino was giving definitive statements at Kentucky too, right up til the day he left for Boston.The man likes, fibs, and stretches the truth so much, who can ever believe anything he says?It is always “the greatest” or “best”, or “toughest” (insert player, coach, schedule, accomplishment) etc every time he speaks.The act has grown tiresome. Maybe another city would appreciate it more.

  2. As much as so many Louisville fans has appreciated Rick, I have to agree with you on that remark, Pitino sure does stretch the truth. I really don’t know what to think of this guy now.

  3. When has Pitino given a definitive statement???? The only person saying he is not interested is UL Sports ID Kenny Klein. Pitino has not said a word about it. He’s a snake, period.

  4. This information is coming straight out of Lexington.They’re trying like hell to pile on and make Rick and UofL squirm. They still haven’t forgiven him for breaking their big blue hearts.Underhanded and UK go together like Calipari and thugs.

  5. This information is from a guy who essentially is just another Petrino. He’s also a has been. This isn’t the 90’s anymore.

  6. "Underhanded and UK go together like Calipari and thugs."I think you meant "like Crum, Scooter, Samaki, & Nate Johnson."

  7. Rick Pitino’s past will never allow the rumors to go away. He did this to himself. He’s never been at any coaching job for more than 8 years. There is no such thing as definitive for a proven habitual liar.

  8. ' "Underhanded and UK go together like Calipari and thugs."I think you meant "like Crum, Scooter, Samaki, & Nate Johnson." 'Yep it's exactly like that. Except of course that those characters are long gone from UofL's program, run out for bringing shame to a university used to doing things the right way.UK's win-at-all-cost ways have stood the test of time. But hey, whatever makes you feel relevant again right? Things just haven't been the same since Pitino bwoke your wittle hearts have they? *sniff

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