Pitino to NBA rumor hits mainstream

University of Louisville coach Rick Pitino, through school sports information director Kenny Klein, has denied today that he is going anywhere, despite persistent rumors on several fronts.

But tonight, Yahoo! Sports columnist Adrian Wojnarowski has reported that “Pitino has communicated his interest in a possible NBA return to Kings ownership, sources say, and one league official describes the Maloof family as “intrigued.”

You can read the story by clicking here.

This is a different animal than we’ve been dealing with all day.

Klein told The C-J today that he spoke to Pitino, who is in Florida, about the rumors, and said that Pitino even joked to tell C-J columnist Rick Bozich that he’d be stuck with him for a while.

Wojnarowski, however, is a reputable reporter. He doesn’t put stuff out there carelessly.

Frankly, his jumping in on this story gets my attention more than any of the rumors that have floated around. I haven’t been able to find anyone who knows Pitino who takes these rumors of him leaving seriously. So that’s where I’m standing right now.

Pitino says no. His friends say no. The Kings say they respect Pitino, but haven’t contacted him.

I don’t think he’s going. But, like with Mine That Bird in the Derby last Saturday, I don’t have any bets out on it right now.

Nothing has happened in the past month, including all the non-basketball related news that has come out, that would make me think Pitino is leaving Louisville.


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