Sound off: Saving Kentucky horse racing

Today, power brokers from Kentucky’s horse racing industry will get together at Churchill Downs and give their input on what is required to fix their sport, which is struggling in a state where it should be strong.

Expect a healthy dose of lobbying for slot machines at Kentucky racing facilities.

But what else? I’m interested in reader and fan suggestions for fixing the sport in the state of Kentucky. You can post comments as replies here, or email them to


19 thoughts on “Sound off: Saving Kentucky horse racing

  1. It will be easy to say that building a racino will save the industry. A racino could save the racetrack but will probably not save the live racing industry. Horse racing, like all live racing, really has to re-create that which made it popular. Expanded gaming can provide opportunities for this to happen. The solution will likely involve a mix of expanded gaming and incentives to rejuvenate the racing industry. Year-round live racing due to enhanced purses is not an option.

  2. First things first, you’ve got to get people to the track. Once they’re there you have to believe that racing is exciting enough to bring people back(and I think it is).

  3. Here’s a fan idea.Let’s get the commonwealth to get off the bettor’s back. Reduce the state take to, say, 5% and suddenly there is more money for the purse.It reminds me of the old story of the king who had this golden goose. . .davidm

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