Talking baseball (and buses)

Just came from the Louisville Bats game, and it seems that half the school-age kids in the state are out there. They’re not learning much about defense — the Bats had two errors in the first three innings. But it is great to see that all the outfield cheap seats are full, even if the big money seats behind home plate are empty.

I counted 40 school buses on the walk in. That’s smart business.

There’s nothing better than day baseball. I like that the Bats do this. I’ll be out for several night games during this homestand, but figured I’d leave today for the kids.

Before I left, I saw Louisville native Seth Bynum turn what should have been a single into three bases when the ball was misplayed in right field. His Syracuse Sky Chiefs lead 4-2 in the 7th.

In other baseball news, Reds’ standout and former Bat Joey Votto is suffering dizziness from an inner ear infection and is on medication for dizziness. His status is day to day.


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