Twitter front: Crean good, Kiffin bad

IU coach Tom Crean got off a good Twitter sequence tonight, at the expense of his buddy, UK coach John Calipari.

Started at 10:59 p.m., when Crean tweeted: Cal told me the other day when Patterson came back that he finally thought he could field a team.

Then, at 11:01, the punch line: After seeing his scholarship numbers, i guess he meant a Football team.

Followed by this: With that in mind know I see why he wants to use the Football stadium for their first practice. They will need the entire field

And . . . If they add any more coaches and a walk on or two, they are going to need the Concorde to fly to games.

You can follow Tom Crean’s tweets by clicking here: @TomCrean, and choosing the “follow” option and watch the video below where he talks about his use of the social networking device.

The Twitter news isn’t quite so good for Tennessee football coach Lane Kiffin. The AP reports:

Tennessee will self-report another minor recruiting violation after a comment about a recruit was posted to coach Lane Kiffin’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Kiffin’s profiles on the two social media Web sites on Tuesday briefly read: “I was so excited to hear that J.C. Copeland committed to play for the Vols today!”

Copeland is a junior at Troup County High School in LaGrange, Ga.

Athletics director Mike Hamilton told The Knoxville News Sentinel an assistant posted the comments on the Web sites without consulting the athletic department’s compliance officials. Hamilton was unavailable for comment Wednesday morning.

Of course, the real offense here is that Kiffin isn’t posting his own Twitter updates. This doesn’t look good for the Vols’ coordinators. If he’s throwing some dude under the bus for a bad tweet, what’s he going to do for an offensive or defensive breakdown.

I continue to maintain, any man who chose not to play Michael Bush is not a guy I’d hire to coach football. Just saying.

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16 thoughts on “Twitter front: Crean good, Kiffin bad

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