On Jeremy Jarmon

Not often, but every once in a while, you feel compelled just to say what you believe about a person when the overall view of that individual is challenged.

I haven’t done that too many times in this job. Last summer, I felt I needed to do it with Trent Guy, when many people perceived him to be some kind of bad actor after he was shot outside a nightclub. Anybody who knows Guy very well knows he’s a good guy.

I did it in an article last year about Muhammed Lasege, who still ranks No. 1 on my “screwed by the NCAA list.”

And in tomorrow’s column, I go to bat in a similar manner for Jeremy Jarmon, the UK defensive end who tested positive for an NCAA banned substance that the school says he ingested as part of an over-the-counter supplement.

I’m not bashing the NCAA. Just pointing out that Jarmon is a stand-up guy, as he proved by insisting that he speak to the public today (note, Manny Ramirez was suspended a little more than two weeks ago by Major League Baseball, for an honest-to-goodness steroid related substance, got a lesser punishment than Jarmon and still hasn’t worked up the juice to speak out publicly.)

I’m sure there will be some readers angry that I’m taking up, in a way, for a guy like Jarmon. Just like I got dozens of angry readers when I wrote in support of William Gay.

But sometimes people need a wider picture of these guys than they get from a single big-news incident.


13 thoughts on “On Jeremy Jarmon

  1. Eric, i applaud your efforts to stand for this young man. The substance he took was in legal, over the counter medicine that he took to loose weight and/or excess fat. he wasn’t doing it to get high, catch a buzz, get bigger, faster or stronger. The NCAA has to learn the difference between trying to gain an advantage and an honest, upfront mistake. This is unbelievable.

  2. Eric, I look forward to your article on Sunday. However, I believe the U of L player you were referring to was Trent Guy. William Gay, as good as he has been in the pros, is the player who jumped offsides in the Rutgers loss and maybe (just maybe) caused us a shot at the National Title. I can’t believe that was just two seasons ago!!

  3. Eric, I don’t know why you’d decline this chance to “bash the NCAA.” In a case like this one, they deserve a good bashing.davidm

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