Gillispie's attorney speaks

This from Jimmy Shapiro and, an interview with Billy Gillispie’s attorney, Demetrios Anaipakos, talking with 1560 The Game in Houston with John and Lance:

On the original contract:

“Kentucky sends a plane for him, fly him to Kentucky where the University of Kentucky has prepared a written agreement which they wrote, he signed, they signed, they take to the board of directors. They have a meeting where it’s debated, the length of the contract, etcetera and it’s approved unanimously . . . There is a signed, written contract between the University and Coach Gillispie . . . For two years these people act, and properly so, as though they have a signed, written agreement with each other and when they decide to let him go in March of 2007, they now pretend like they don’t. So, they lived up to the agreement up to the part where they have to pay him when they fire him.”

What will happen in the courtroom:

“The court will look at the documentation and the conduct of the parties and determine whether there’s a contract. I know some law students who would have a field day with the general counsel of the University of Kentucky because she is on record probably a dozen times in emails, in letters, in press conferences talking about the contract between the University and Coach Gillispie.”

What’s on the line?

“There is a provision in the contract that says if you terminate him without cause, then they have to pay him $1.5 million a year for up to 48 months depending on when they terminate him. He’s got more than 4 years left so, at minimum, these people owe him $6 million.”

Will Kentucky argue that he was terminated with cause?

“It’s not unheard of for people to dream up a cause after the fact . . . It’s not “cause” if you’re not a good fit . . . Whether they were a good fit is one thing, but I don’t think the University of Kentucky would stoop to say, ‘We terminated him with cause.'”

In conclusion:

“This is a real simple case. He worked his butt off, he had a winning record. They fired him and that’s their prerogative. They don’t want him to coach the University of Kentucky, fine, but honor the deal you’ve got with this man. These folks owe him $6 million at least under the written contract. At some point you’ve got to take action, so that’s where we are.”

Hear the entire interview by clicking this link.


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