Floyd out at USC

Tim Floyd has hit the road before the NCAA sanctions could hit the fan at Southern Cal (assuming that the NCAA is actually capable of sanctioning USC, which remains to be seen).

In a way it’s predictable. In fact, rumor had it that the school was going to cut him loose as soon as it had a firm fix on its own self-sanctions to the NCAA. So Floyd merely beat his bosses to the punch, perhaps.

But by doing this, Floyd leaves open the avenue for USC to claim that the dirty coach who allegedly gave $1,000 to an agent’s runner in connection with O.J. Mayo is now gone, leaving the program with a new start. That argument works quite a bit.

It’s hard to believe the NCAA won’t give Floyd a Kelvin Sampson-esque “show cause” penalty for this infraction if it holds up.

But the school should not escape punishment just because Floyd hit the road. Everybody knew the deal with O.J. Mayo. USC took him with it’s eyes open. If the school’s compliance staff wasn’t put on permanent overtime with Mayo’s arrival — particularly after its experience with Reggie Bush — then it was negligent.

If it’s not a question of institutional control, I don’t know what is.

It’ll be interesting to see who will now take this job now, with possible serious sanctions around the corner.


10 thoughts on “Floyd out at USC

  1. So does this get Floyd off the hook? I won't mention any names but there now seems to be a small wave of coaches that leave certain schools before anything hits the fan and get away unscathed.

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