U of L football prospect facing grade questions

This week, the University of Louisville entertained one of the better prep offensive linemen in the country when Kamran Joyer visited campus. (Photo at right, courtesy of tbo.com – Tampa Bay Online).

Joyer, a 6-3, 295-pound lineman, had signed with South Florida, then couldn’t be admitted to the school because of questions over his academic qualifications and subsequently asked for and got his release.

Now, those academic questions have widened. Turns out, according to this report from Brett McMurphy and Lindsay Peterson of the Tampa Tribune, that Joyer had nine grades changed during his senior year on his Wesley Chapel High School transcript — accounting for more than 40 percent of his college preparatory coursework.

Though previously cleared by the NCAA, Joyer’s credentials now are being re-examined by the NCAA, according to South Florida admissions director Robert Spatig, in letters obtained by the Tribune through the state’s open records act. The NCAA wouldn’t confirm or deny to the paper.

Joyer’s father told the Tribune the grade changes came about because his son retook four courses, two online and two through adult education courses.

But USF is questioning the Pasco County school system because it appears that Joyer was not eligible to retake most of the courses. Rules permit students to retake courses if they receive a grade of F. Joyer had, for instance, a Biology grade changed from a D to a B.

In a Tribune report this past Tuesday, Joyer’s father, Jack, told the paper that his son was “99 percent” in favor of signing with Louisville if a scheduled Wednesday visit went well. Read that report here.

With a player having been cleared already by the NCAA, the question then becomes, does a school take his transcript at face value, or ask deeper questions? In this case, however, the deeper questions already are being asked — and now publicly. It’s not exactly like the Memphis basketball case, when it could legitimately claim no knowledge of irregularities in Derrick Rose’s SAT score.

If U of L takes Joyer, it will do so with eyes open. And an explanation and final determination should now be quick enough in coming that the school can make its own judgement on Joyer’s credentials well before he ever takes the field for an actual game.

Still, it raises questions.


44 thoughts on “U of L football prospect facing grade questions

  1. "Surely NO ONE is surprised that questionable academics would hold back any UL recruit."I think you mean "wouldn't." As it reads now, your sentence implies U of L has very strict academic standards. But I know, negation can be very tricky, and surely NO ONE is surprised that a UK fan would have difficulty grasping the English language.

  2. Nice investigative journalism Eric. It would have been a whole lot easier to link the story that you just re-wrote, then you would have had some extra time to look into the cover up in Lexington of the recent escapades of Micah "Shotgun" Johnson and his rowdy Big Blew Posse.

  3. "I think you mean "wouldn't." As it reads now, your sentence implies U of L has very strict academic standards. But I know, negation can be very tricky, and surely NO ONE is surprised that a UK fan would have difficulty grasping the English language."Bravo! That was great.

  4. Hmmmm. Thought I was doing a blog entry, not an investigative piece. And in fact, I did link the Tampa Tribune piece, a good piece of work by my friend Brett McMurphy.As for alleged incidents, they cut both ways (at both schools). When charges are filed, they get reported.Thanks.

  5. Great great job Eric. Possibly signing a recruit who is under investigation for fishy grades does not strike me as "doing things the right way" as Kragthorpe & Jurich always proclaim they do (as opposed to Bobby Petrino). How in the world is someone going to maintain college eligibility if they needed questionable internet courses to change 40% of their transcripts?Pretty sad that the only optimism UL football fans have these days into false stories of gunfights in Lexington this past weekend. Oh if only 1/2 of UK's roster would be suspended, MAYBE Louisville will have a chance to win this season!

  6. Wrong. uk's thuggery is not UofL fans only hope for optimism.But that doesn't mean something like that should be swept under the rug by good ole grandpa and his gangsta kings of Music City.

  7. "Wrong. uk's thuggery is not UofL fans only hope for optimism.":laughing face: then what praytell do you have to be optimistic about? Certain not a winning season, or a bowl game, or beating UK. Maybe this year Kragthorpe can beat Syracuse or UConn….probably not both though.

  8. Eric, Your blog entry makes it seem as though you expect UofL to sign this player regardless of his situation.Do you expect the University to do their own investigation, or are you suggesting they are NOT going to investigate the reports that have just recently come out?Additionally, you compare this situation to Derrick Rose. The "grade changes" you are reporting seem to be coming from the school changing grades because the player "retook" a class. At UofL (and most schools, I'm sure) if you retake a class and get a higher grade, the higher grade is what officially goes on your transcript.Is that the case here? Or are you saying the school doesn't normally allow kids to retake classes unless they receive grades of F first. Wouldn't you want a kid to retake a class if he scored a D as well? Or is it an issue of the retaken class being at a different school?You sure are right, there are a lot of questions.Thanks for not answering any of them.

  9. Well, seems like 5:55 wants me to tell the future. Sadly, I missed that class in journalism school.Will U of L take him? I think it will. I don't think U of L would've brought him on a visit if it wasn't pretty satisfied he was eligible.It bears repeating, and I did so a couple of times in this blog post, that the player has been cleared by the NCAA. Until the NCAA says otherwise, he's good to go.I don't really know that there's much investigating for U of L to do. It simply is going to have to wait for the Pasco County school system to complete its investigation.Yes, you can change grades in college. But the Pasco rules state that courses may only be retaken for higher grades when the student receives an "F." Of the eight grade changes on this player's transcript, the newspaper reports that only one was an "F."The issue on the retaking of classes was, if you'll read again, answered not only in this blog post, but in the story I linked to.The questions to which I was referring pertain more to U of L's rationale and thinking on these academic questions. And those, as I'm sure you know, the school cannot answer until the player signs, per NCAA rules.Now, I'll go back to searching for my crystal ball.

  10. HMMM…Eric seems to me you spent a lot of time on researching this situation. How did you come about this in the first place? Are you now the academic police? Have you been digging up any questionable academic athlete's at any other schools in the state? I don't think that you are totally biased but I do know for a fact that this paper sure is completely. You need to spread the wealth if you continually dig up dirt on the the University of Louisville. The dark side of the state sure has had a plentiful history of questionable doings and I don't think that has changed in any way.

  11. Please. Digging up dirt? "Spent a lot of time?" This is simply a short recap of what the Tampa Tribune already reported.However, I've dug my share at U of L. I was the U of L beat reporter for the C-J for six years. And this paper, you should note, has dug its share at UK. It was this paper that brought the Claude Basset money orders to light.The fact is, I don't do much blogging on recruiting. That's Jody Demling's area and he does a better job with that than I ever could.But when there's an issue in recruiting (a guy leaving high school early, a coach taking a commitment from an eighth grader, a recruit having had his grade changed NINE times) those are issues for me to weigh in on. My job here is to give my opinion.As for having "dug." Everything I know about this I got from one newspaper story, and my knowledge of how the system works. As 7:15 rather bluntly pointed out, this isn't exactly Watergate-level investigation.I'm just weighing in on what isn't your typical recruiting scenario.The "bias" claim is amusing. Ask 10 UK fans which way the paper is biased, and I guarantee you most would say toward U of L. Of course, U of L fans think the opposite. That's generally how it works.

  12. Great job EC. When people from both sides think you're biased it means you're doing it right. Or I guess it could mean that those people are dopes. Either way, thanks for what you do.

  13. Hey 5:55, thanks for the hits! Now you know why I'm not in the prediction business.I love the Dan Jenkins approach when they ask him who will win a golf tournament. He says, "I predict a golfer will win it."Predictions are junk. But people want 'em. It should be noted, I generally remind people of where I was right — and wrong — when I do a series of predictions.In fact, I just did a column going through some of mine that didn't come to pass in the paper.See if you can get your weatherman to do that!

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  15. Great great job Eric. Possibly signing a recruit who is under investigation for fishy grades does not strike me as "doing things the right way" as Kragthorpe & Jurich always proclaim they do (as opposed to Bobby Petrino).club penguin

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