My own Media Day on the blog

It’s that time of year when football teams and conferences begin staging media days of all kinds.

But not everybody. Smaller conferences are bagging the preseason tradition to save money, opting instead for conference calls.

That that won’t stop me from staging my own. Now, I don’t know how much time I’ll devote to discussing the C-J lineup — our defensive line is rather small. Instead, look for blog posts throughout the day on the subject of sports media and how they are changing.

Among them will be a look at ESPN’s move to establish local web sites with city-specific reporting in a handful of markets. More on the Erin Andrews video controversy and a look at some new wrinkles in college football coverage.

Also, a Q&A from some emails I’ve gotten over the past couple of weeks. And maybe some email questions that come in throughout the day.

So keep checking back. And if you want an immediate alert when a new blog is posted, think about following me on Twitter at or on Facebook at


7 thoughts on “My own Media Day on the blog

  1. Eric,I am curious as to your over/under on the Cards this year. I know Bozich went under 4.5, what do you think? Also, there is a bunch of pressure on Kragthorpe to win this year, in your opinion what is the win total you think the Cards have to have to warrant a fourth year by Kragthorpe? I am in the group of he has to go at least 6-6 and get into a bowl. I seriously doubt that it will happen, thus a 5 or 4 win season should be enough for Jurich to say good bye to a mistake.Cardfan4life

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