TMZ to roll out Lebron dunk video

You knew it would surface sooner or later. And, you probably knew it would surface on TMZ, which seems to be sweeping the field on all things celebrity. The video in which Xavier guard Jordan Crawford (no relation, formerly of Indiana) dunked on King James during a pick-up game at the Lebron James Skills Academy (sponsored by Nike).

You’ve no doubt read and heard by now that Nike confiscated the tape and has refused its release, thereby creating far more buzz over the incident than it deserves.

Too bad for University of Louisville guard Terrence Williams that he didn’t get video of the time he blocked James’ shot in a pickup game last summer. The fact is, plenty of people have gone over and around James in NBA action, on television for all to see. It happens to even the best players.

So for Nike to attempt to supress this latest highlight has given it a life of its own, and frankly, made James look a little cheap. If you can’t just give a guy credit for a nice play, how full of yourself have you gotten? I can’t imagine that this idea originated with James, but you never know. I supsect at least some of it was borne of Nike’s desire to control everything and everyone that is wearing its image.

Regardless, has the video, and they’re rolling it out tonight at 6:45 p.m. today.

Erin Andrews update

THIS LEADS US to what was going to be a quick discussion of TMZ, but instead, I’m going to talk about some of the so-called “mainstream” media outlets, and their decisions on the story of Erin Andrews being secretly videotaped through a keyhole in her hotel room. The nude videos were an internet sensation until her lawyers intervened.

But yesterday, so-called reuputable news outlets decided they needed the nude images anyway. FoxNews put up stills of the nude Andrews with parts of them obscured by a red lace.

One wonders if they’d have done the same had the pictures been of Anne Coulter? (Shudder).

They weren’t alone. The CBS Early Show played parts of the video with Andrews’ body parts blurred.

Talking about desperate for ratings. Not even TMZ has done that. Editors at TMZ have viewed the video and reported on its contents, but have not not purchased the video and say they will not publish it.


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