Tebow's virginity? Really?

That the biggest buzz from down at SEC media days concerned Tim Tebow is no surprise. That it centered around his sex habits — or lack thereof — is a surprise.

Blogger Clay Travis asked the Florida quarterback if he is saving himself for marriage. Tebow responded that he is.

Now, I’ve seen a lot of debate about whether the question was appropriate. But having read Clay’s rationale for asking it, coupled (no pun intended) with my own gut feeling, I have to say that the question was not out of bounds.

The fact is, Tebow has put his faith on display. He actively talks about it. He preaches in prisons. This question merely examined one area of that faith. It was a question that didn’t apparently offend Tebow, and he was all too willing to answer it.

Would I have asked it? No way. Frankly, I think what college athletes do in this department is nobody else’s business. And I think Tebow’s answer and the question itself will be used by idiots from coast to coast to belittle one or both.

I don’t care what Tebow does.

But this is an interesting journalistic question.

What do you think. Appropriate question or not?

I’d probably stop short of calling it appropriate. But I’ll agree with Travis that he did have a sound journalistic basis for asking it.

Anyway, let’s hope it blows over so we can get back to talking about more substantive subjects. Like the Erin Andrews video. Oh, a blog on that is coming soon . . .


14 thoughts on “Tebow's virginity? Really?

  1. I believe Tebow about as much as I believe that the Jonas brothers aren't snorting blow of strippers butt cheeks. None of my business but come on they are still men. This is about the same as Cory Feldman doing all of those anti drug commercials while he was jacked up god knows what.

  2. I think it depends on what journal you are writing for. For a local newspaper? In a sports section? Probably not. But if it was a "religious" piece, or for a church newsletter or something, I can see it being valid.Athlete's sex lives only should be talked about in a sports section if it is going to keep them from playing, or if the athlete attributes their play on the field directly to their sex life.For the record, he could very easily not be a virgin and still "saving himself" from marriage. I've heard of this Christian idea of 2nd virginity or something.

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