The SEC and your ticketholder rights

For a long time, I’ve heard people say, “I paid the money for my ticket, I can do what I want.”

In the Southeastern Conference, that officially is not the case. This is from the SEC’s recent release of conditions for media credentials and ticket holders.

“The ticket constitutes nothing more than a revocable license to enter the event and occupy the seat or location covered by the ticket. . . . This right to enter and occupy a seat or location is expressly conditioned on the bearer’s good behavior while on the premises of the event, as expressly otherwise set forth herein.”

Among the things ticket holders are not permitted to do in the SEC:

“Produce or disseminate (or aiding in producing and disseminating) any material or information about the event, including but not limited to any account, description, picture, video, audio, reproduction or other information concerning the event, other than in speech that cannot be restricted under the First Amendment, in any form.”

That is, if you have a personal blog or like to come home and recap the game with some of your photos in a public domain, the SEC doesn’t want it. (I’d like to see them stop it, but that’s for another blog.)

A lot of attention is being placed upon new restrictions the SEC is placing on media organizations regarding the online use of its coverage of SEC events, but I think this little portion illustrates just how tightly the SEC wants to control things as much as anything.

Even a guy in the stands wanting to do his own thing, like say, Twitter updates, could find himself on the wrong side of the SEC law. Of course, I’d love to see security guards at games going after people’s phones.

By the way, if you’re in the stands, the SEC reserves the right to use your photo or image if it chooses to do so.

More to come on the SEC and its upcoming battle with the media in just a bit.

Read the SEC’s complete set of credential and ticket guidelines and conditions here (PDF file).


12 thoughts on “The SEC and your ticketholder rights

  1. This sounds a whole lot like the University of Louisville and their baseball ticket policies. Is UL applying for membership in the SEC?davidm

  2. Actually, that U of L baseball incident a while back, in which the C-J's Brian Bennett was kicked out of the press box for live blogging, had little to do with U of L. They were fine with people live blogging from the games. It was an NCAA issue, and the NCAA was the organization that kicked Bennett out. U of L, to its credit, refused to go along with it and told NCAA officials in Indianapolis, "You want him out, you find somebody to kick him out."

  3. Sounds like SEC wants to officially put newspapers under. Internet updates and blogs are all some people have now and with those squashed, troubled times are ahead.

  4. It's not just a battle with the media, it sounds like they don't mind battling with their own fans. That's a smart idea.

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