New York Post interviews Sypher

The New York Post headlined its account of Rick Pitino’s tryst with Karen Sypher with these words: “I wanted the baby, but Rick said no . . . I lived in fear.” The tabloid sent a reporter to Louisville to interview Sypher.

But on the jump in its internet version of the story, the paper begins to find problems with Sypher’s story, even the characterization it used in its headline — particularly that Pitino forced or even encouraged Sypher to have an abortion. As evidence that has emerged in the past day shows, he did not.

But paperwork Sypher filled out at the clinic, which she provided to The Post, contradicts her account.

She checked off boxes indicating she felt “confident” and “strong” that she was doing the right thing.

Sypher also checked off responses indicating she did not think abortion was akin to murder and that she would not regret having the procedure.

Meanwhile, the 49-year-old provided the media with a voice-mail message from Pitino that contradicts her claim. Speaking of the pregnancy, Pitino says, “I think that the best thing in all scenarios is to go through with it [have the baby], but that it has to be your call.

“I think, I really can’t give you any advice, except I have thought about it,” he said.

“This is a very unfortunate situation . . . You just let me know what you’re gonna do.”

She decided on an abortion, and since she did not have health insurance, Pitino says he gave her $3,000.


12 thoughts on “New York Post interviews Sypher

  1. From what i heard on the tape, When he was talking about going through with it, he was talking about the abortion, not having the baby.

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