Final tally of today's responses

I asked and answered the question today: Would you let your son play for Rick Pitino?

A number of emailers and callers answered the question too, and I thank all who did for doing so. I did a count of everyone who answered it, and though very unscientific, here’s how all the responses broke down.

No, I wouldn’t let my son play for Rick Pitino: 37
Yes, I would let my son play for Rick Pitino: 16

That’s a pretty significant margin, I’d say.

Here’s one interesting factor on the numbers. 70 percent of men said they would not let a son play for Pitino (28-12 in actual responses).

Women were far different. 69 percent of women said they would let their son play for Pitino (9-4 in responses).


16 thoughts on “Final tally of today's responses

  1. While the margin may seem significant, pollsters have found that if you don't reach out to a polling group, but rather have them contact you, the survey skews toward negative responses. Unhappy voters, consumers, etc. are more likely to take the initiative to respond to this type of survey than those who are neutral or even those who are positive. You didn't pretend your instrument was scientific, but to be honest, if you asked people to respond about their memories of Santa, you will get a surprisingly low approval rating (unless you are in Philly, I would still expect it to be above 50%).

  2. Eric,I don't agree with your opinion on the subject, but I applaud you taking a strong stance on this issue. Too bad the same cannot be said for the other CJ sports columnist. Thanks for doing what a columnist should do: Stake out a position and defend it.

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