Post-ing up Pitino

It has become a whole new ballgame for media in the last 48 hours in Louisville. The New York Post in this morning’s editions nabbed a comment from Pitino’s teenage daughter Jacqueline.

I asked a U of L official where the paper tracked her down. He said the Sacred Heart senior opened the door of the family’s home to walk outside yesterday and was met on the porch by a Post reporter who said something to the effect that — We know that your parents’ marriage is a sham. Could you comment?

Jacqueline said, as quoted in the lead of the newspaper’s story this morning, “My parents are still very much together. It’s going to be fine — she’s holding up.”

The Post was just one of several out-of-town outlets staking out the Pitino home yesterday.

Several reporters covering the Sypher divorce hearing yesterday said that Karen Sypher greeted the Post reporter with an embrace and the photographer with a kiss when she saw them at the courthouse.

This is what Pitino has wrought, and the box he now finds himself in. While he refuses to comment pending the upcoming court case, Sypher feels as if she’s under no such restriction.

The Post said she “gleefully provided The Post pictures of herself in a bikini.”

We’re now four days out from the first detailed airing of the allegations. The number of national media in town is more, not less. Sypher, through her willingness to talk, has managed to keep driving the story, with the freshest headline being her speculation that her estranged husband, Tim Sypher, was paid to marry her, a preposterous sounding claim for which she had no evidence. But apparently, there’s none needed when it comes to flashy headlines.

Because at the moment, the facts both sides have stipulated to being true are so bizzare than nothing, apparently, is too bizzare to believe.

With his home being staked out and his kids being hounded by the press, all over his own indiscretions, I think it’s legitimate to wonder how long Pitino will stick it out if such conditions persist.

He has seemed determined throughout to stick this out. And, maybe, Pitino needs basketball now as much as ever. Rather than detracting from his job performance, the alleged Sypher extortion attempts may well have caused him to throw himself into the job all the more. From the time of the first alleged extortion contact with him in late February, Pitino’s U of L team went 9-1, won the Big East regular season and touranment championships, earned the school’s first-ever No. 1 Associated Press ranking and its first-ever No. 1 overall seeding in the NCAA Tournament.

Whatever the case, the story shows no signs of abating.


32 thoughts on “Post-ing up Pitino

  1. I feel awful for Pitino's family. And a real black eye to UofL Athletics. Both which are innocent victims in this mess.

  2. I hope and pray there will be people that will be an encouragement to the Pitino children. I believe Mrs. Pitino is a strong woman than we think, "she was not blind sided by his mess" guarantee and money on the table! Let them go through the healing process and UofL administrators, "ya'll wrong to stick your neck out for this "undercover thug". Don't NEVER, EVER call student athletes thugs! Two con artists representing Kentucky basketball, Cal & the Pit!

  3. Eric…Why do all the article tip-toe around Pitino like it is a plague? Be blunt and report, that is what people expect to see. This is a perfect time for the Courier Journal to embrace – independent journalism.And in case you missed it, CNN showed what independent journalism was by having a panel discussion.

  4. Another thought…write a story about how Pitino did not give players second (or3rd chances) but he expects to get another chance because he apologized!

  5. As I posted on Boz column, this thing is along way from over. It will be the focus for this year's basketball team. RP will have these questiosn at every press conference this year. When he travels to away Big East games, the fans are going to definitely remind him that putting this in the past isn't going to happen over night nor over one season.

  6. Poor JoAnne. I feel so sorry for her that she has to go through this. She doesn't deserve it and she has done nothing but support RP through his many job moves and time spent on the job. RP always says how tough it has been on him to have his bro in law die in 9-11… well RP how do you think your wife feels!!!!?

  7. I get so sick of sanctimonious fools gossiping and giggling like schoolgirls about another guys indiscretions. Grown men acting like old women at a hen party.Men aren't men anymore, they are vicious little eunuchs who have been castrated by feminism.Used to be, guys backed each other up.Now they just watch Oprah with everybody else. Not me. Ever.

  8. I doubt his wife would be "holding up" if she was infected with HIV or another STD. That's another bad message Pitino has sent to students, "Don't practice safe sex."

  9. Can anyone help me with who will emerge from practice as the Starting Five Spinmeisters to place this Knight back on his mount. Putrid.

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