ESPN to broadcast game in 3D

For two years, ESPN has been working on developing 3D camera and broadcasting technology for its game broadcasts. It is finally ready for a test run.

On Sept. 12 at 8 p.m., alongside it regular camera crews and broadcast team (in standard and high definition), ESPN will produce a 3D telecast of USC’s matchup against Ohio State.

It will be a separate production entirely, with different announcers (Mark Jones and Bob Davie), and will be shown only in a few television theaters around the nation (the Galen Theater on USC’s campus, select theaters in Columbus, Ohio, a theater in Hartford, Conn., and one near Dallas).

Tickets will not be sold, but are available only through promotions on ESPN radio stations in Los Angeles, Dallas and Columbus.

Obviously, this adds a twist to the big-game broadcast. Imagine a pay-per-view theater broadcast of big college basketball games, or the Bowl Championship Series. It adds another potential tier of profit for the network (though the production expense must be great).

It’ll be interesting to hear the reviews of this, whether the 3-D effect for a sports broadcast is worth it. If it is, I think this is something you could see coming to a theater near you, if not soon, then eventually.


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