Live from the Pitino presser

About 20 minutes away from Rick Pitino’s press conference. The media room at the Yum! Center has been configured for more media than usual, as well it should be. I counted three satellite trucks outside. WLKY’s Fred Cowgill just told me that CBS had asked for the feed.

So what’s all this about?

— I don’t expect any kind of resignation or leave of absence. I don’t think Pitino is after that at all.

— Perhaps Pitino has been prompted by the release of some audio tapes of voice mails he allegedly left for Karen Sypher. But those tapes, from what I’ve seen, only go to support his assertion that he did not advise or in any way prompt Karen Sypher to get an abortion.

— If I had to guess, I’d say Pitino might be ready to go on the offensive. His practice in the past has been to get out in front of stories, and it’s been difficult for him — as Ralph Williard told me for a column I wrote last week — that this is a story he can’t talk about, can’t get out in front of. So perhaps today he’ll move in that direction. I’d consider that a mistake, but we’ll see.


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