Pitino presser — first impression

Rick Pitino came out firing in a hastily called news conference today.

My first response: It may go down as his worst mistake since not guarding the inbounds passer.

Pitino blasted the media for reporting “lies” about him. He asked Louisville fans not to look at media coverage regarding his encounter with Karen Sypher and her pending trial for extortion. (Oh, except for his comments.)

He told the public that the only true comments about the whole situation are comments he has made.

In the process, he took what was a story with little to no national interest — the release of audio of some voice mails he left Sypher, all of which, by the way, confirm his stance that he never pressured or forced her to get an abortion — and turned it into a story of national interest, of a coach lashing out at the media.

For the record, the local media’s treatment of this story has been more than fair. A full account of the allegations was not printed until The Courier-Journal had both sides of the story — from the mouths of Sypher and Pitino themselves.

We’ll see how Pitino’s comments play, but my feeling is that this is one case where a full-court press wasn’t warranted.


22 thoughts on “Pitino presser — first impression

  1. Eric, here's what I don't understand. The local media did not report Syper's allegations months ago because they did not think they were credible. Sypher filed a criminal complaint and the police confirmed that they were not credible. So if nothing has changed, why is the media now reporting them?

  2. Well, it's a different set of media. The New York Post, and some others, are happy to report anything that comes out of Sypher's mouth.The local media, as far as I can tell, did not print Sypher's allegations because none could be confirmed as factual, and several actually checked out untrue.When Pitino, however, acknowledged the encounter at Porcini, and activity around her abortion, and when both had made statements to police, as opposed to just shopping the story around town, that changed the nature of things.I do think some media have given Sypher's allegations way too much play. I don't think that has happened much in Louisville.

  3. I approve of Rick Pitino's message. Media beats something over and over again to death constantly. Maybe it isn't wise for him to give more soundbites to put him back on the front page, but its good to see he isn't taking this without a fight. The straw that probably broke the camel's back was the local media leading off with these useless tapes that aren't even news of 1) things we already know and 2) things we already know is false. As he mentioned, this is leading off over another national figures death.Of course, since you're in the media, we all know how mad they get when any major figure bashes them, so this response is expected.

  4. pretty sure this presser would not have been warranted if he had not been with the character from fatal attraction, which is why ur wife is upset, not the media coverage. take your lumps and move-on. BTW he better hope this is the only "mistake", because if not, she may have just boiled your career.

  5. I understand where Rick is coming from. He has had a lot to deal with considering everything that has happened. I personally am %100 percent behind coach Pitino and hope this story dissolves sooner than later. He made a mistake 6 years ago, he admitted it, now we all should move on.Also, I love that with everything that he has had to deal with he still can reassure the fans that we will continue to be a top 10 team and get top 10 recruits. That is what really matters. Basketball! Go Cards!

  6. I agree with some of these statements on the media. And I even know, believe me, exactly where Pitino is coming from.Having said that, he still made a mistake today. He made a mistake because the story was slowing down, and today, he breathed new momentum into it.

  7. Scott – it is very big of you to forgive Pitino's mistakes. I've noticed that typically UofL fans seem to have trouble forgiving or forgetting any recruiting violations by a certain school. But adultery and abortions (by a Catholic!) aren't as bad as recruiting violations, right?

  8. Collin Cowherd said it best… Pitino is used to controlling the AD, the fanbase and certainly the local media. Guys like him suck up to the national media because they need them, but sh@t on the local media. Now that Rick screwed up royally, he lost his trump card and can't control the local media any more. Hey Rick, man up to your mistake. You have nobody to be mad at but yourself you pathetic narcissist.

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