Wednesday wandering

In an effort to up the old blog-count, a few links and thoughts to start the morning.

TV TALK: Thanks to Rick at for pointing out Esquire’s “21 TV Shows a Man Should Watch.” And, like Rick, I watch two — Curb Your Enthusiasm and Penguins of Madagascar. Sorry, but “The Office” needs to be on this list. And is “Entourage” not Sex and The City for men? Esquire is great, but I’ll take reruns of “The Wire” over all that stuff.

RECRUITING READING: The Washington Post has had a couple of nice stories on the the outside forces on college hoops recruiting. You can read one of them here. (The Post is a registration site, but it’s a site you should be registered for, anyway.)

MORNING MAIL: Of my rant against the SEC’s strict new media policy in this morning’s paper, Dave in Louisville writes:

Come on, Eric. I had to read your article twice to believe what I had just read. What a misguided load of guano.

The SEC is a sports machine. It’s well run, efficiently managed, brilliantly marketed, and guess what? It’s got the horses. The nation’s best football. The best baseball. High-quality hoops. Great track & field. Not everybody gets to play golf at Augusta, and not everybody gets doting attention from the SEC hierarchy.

Your angle sounds like a whining voice from a lowly Big East fan.

Rebuttal: I never said the SEC wasn’t big-time and well-run. In fact, it’s so professional that I’m proposing it be treated like a professional league. If that’s what it wants to be, let it pay taxes and adhere to other regulations that for-profit leagues must follow.

Update: The Chattanooga Times this morning reports that the SEC is considering even further changes to the policy, and could announce them by the end of the week. (Humorous aside, the Times points out that if Tennessee wins a national championship, the SEC policy would prevent them from running a commemorative section. Tennessee. Championship. Ha. Haha.)

SEMI-RANDOM MOVIE QUOTE OF THE DAY: In keeping with the theme of my column, and noting that some media lawyers have said that the SEC’s attempted limitations on reporting from its events could constitute “prior restraint,” (famous legal term, look it up), I turn to Walter Sobchak from “The Big Lebowski.”

“Oh please dear? The Supreme Court has roundly rejected prior restraint.”

Now, I’m just going to sit here and finish my coffee.


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