More on the SEC: Fan beware

Didn’t get into much postscript on my Wednesday column about the SEC and its restrictive media policy, because of all the Pitino fallout.

But you need to read this letter. It’s from a fan who isn’t coming at it from a media perspective, but from a fan-in-the-stands point of view.

Read and heed Evan’s testimony:

Thanks for commenting on this —

I am a sports fan . . . I BUY tickets and CHECK the restrictions regarding photos, before purchasing the tickets – yet still get hassled when I try to enter the stadium. I will give you two examples (the second really sucked!!)

THE SEC Basketball Tournament in Tampa this year —

I went to the window for tickets and asked what the restrictions were – the gentleman answered – no flash, and no video. No other restrictions were listed by him. I assured him that I would not use either.

I took my 300mm 2.8 lens to the game and my 16.7mp camera – no one stopped me during the first day.

Second day (UK had won its first game and was now playing in the opening round of the second bracket) they harassed me and told me i could not bring that lens into the game. After much arguing with security – they let me pass, but told me NOT to use that lens.

Naturally, from my seats midway up in the stadium – my smaller 28-70 mm lens (less than 6″) was not suitable for my tastes. So, towards the end of the UK game, the security came over to tell me that I can’t use a camera with retractable lenses ….

The game was over – and I moved on.


The other time in Tampa I went to the Superbowl. But before buying my tickets online, I checked this website for the restrictions (It was Tampa’s welcome for the fans of Pittsburgh / Arizona game)

Please – check it out. It said no lenses over 10.” Well, my 300mm lens is just under 10″ and my medium straight 2.8 lens (70-200mm) is about 8″ while my small straight 2.8 lens (28-70mm) is less than 6″

BUT when I got to the stadium, the security said nothing over 6″ would be let in. Of course, I didn’t PRINT OUT the restrictions from this Tampa page so I couldn’t prove it existed but get this fact — IT’S August 26th (7 months) after the event and it STILL says under 10″
needless to say – I shot the game from the VERY TOP ROW of the UPPER DECK .. with a 28-70mm lens (your eyesight is approx 50mm)

I don’t like paying thousands of dollars to attend a game – and then be told I can’t take my camera in – just cause I am particular about the photos I shoot – I don’t want grainy ones – I am retired and can afford GOOD CAMERAS and GOOD EQUIPMENT – yet I feel penalized.

I respect the PGA when they say ALL CAMERAS can not be used during the tournament – but allow any camera during the practice rounds. My camera can be set to silent – whereas many others can’t, so I see their point.

But shooting NFL or SEC games with good camera equipment should be allowed if I purchased a ticket, and didn’t ask to be on the field, or obstructing someone else’s view.

Thanks for listening.


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  1. If he could just get a wireless chip installed then he could stream it straight to the web and we can cut out all the middle men.

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