Thursday thoughts

A couple of quick hits before I head over to the Governor’s Ham Breakfast.

— Don’t forget the Bozich-Crawford Webcast today at 2. We answer your questions.

— Here’s a fun piece by USA Today’s Steve Wieberg, looking at the golden years of every NCAA Division I-A program. FYI, U of L’s are listed as 1998-2004, but why leave off the Orange Bowl year? UK’s are 1949-51. Hard to argue with that. And Indiana’s are 1986 to ’93, the Bill Mallory years. Kind of sad when you think about it.

— A couple of Pitino letters this morning. First, from Pam, who writes all the way from South Korea:

As a proud Kentuckian serving the U.S. in a foreign country – watching this Pitino frenzy from abroad makes me very sad. If your readers will only let their children play for coaches who are perfect — well, good luck with that one. Maybe it’s time for these folks to enroll their kids in piano lessons rather than fret over the possibility that a coach might very well be an imperfect human. Such total nonsense. I love Kentucky – I am a huge Rick Pitino fan and have his book “Success is a Choice” on my desk here in Seoul. Am I worried about something he did 6 years ago? No. Am I praying for he and his family – absolutely. This entire ordeal is between Rick Pitino, his lawyers, his family and his God. I would encourage folks to spend more time reflecting on their own lives and leave the Pitino family alone.

And this take from Mark in Louisville:


Since Rick’s presser, I have been trying to figure out why a guy who is so normally in control, seemingly went rogue yesterday. I think the key is his mention of his wife and family. We are looking at this situation logically outside of the Pitino family house walls.

I think his wife lost it yesterday when Fox 41 broke into programming to run the videos. Eric, place yourself in his position and your wife, who you are trying to salvage your marriage with, is in tears on the couch venting her frustration at your lack of response to the lies that this woman obviously is spewing. To make things worse, those lies are being gratuitously exploited by Fox 41 for ratings purposes. Your wife is suffering not only because of your misdeeds, but to make an advertising buck.

In tears, she pleas with you to end your silence and speak out against Sypher’s unchallenged allegations. Unable to change the situation you find yourself in, you can only try to limit the source of your wife’s anguish and lash out accuser and the messenger.

Eric, what would you do? Would you try to calm her down and try and convince her that the better PR move is stay silent an tell her that she’s just going to have to suck it up and deal with it until the trial ends, or do you do what Pitino did yesterday?

In context, the decision to stay silent is much tougher.

Not-so-random movie quote of the day comes from Steve Zizzou, as played by Bill Murray in “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.”

“I don’t have a problem with objective reporting. What I have a problem with is some wombat . . . coming on my boat trying to railroad me. “

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