Monday musing: Byrd is the word

So Louisville native and St. X graduate Paul Byrd spends nearly a year on the shelf, then pops up yesterday for the Boston Red Sox and throws six scoreless innings.

That settles it. Byrd might pitch forever. The 38-year-old had turned down a few offers in the spring, according to the Boston Herald, to watch his kids play ball. But when he went looking for interested teams around the All-Star break, he got no offers.

A month ago, he was throwing batting practice to his 13-year-old son’s team — the Georgia Roadrunners. He wore one of their caps in the clubhouse after his win.

Interest began to pick up again around the first of August, and he signed with the Red Sox on August 5. He had no guarantee, though, of being called up.

When he took the mound yesterday, the Major League web site still listed Byrd as a free agent. Six scoreless innings later, they were raving about him on Sportscenter.

They loved this quote:

I work hard , I feel like I’m in shape, I feel really good. My arm has appreciated the rest. My arm feels very strong. I just want to stay sharp and whatever happens with me happens with me. I want a World Series ring and any way I can help this team get that. If they need me to clean toilets I’ll go do that. I’m excited and whatever they need me to do I’ll do.

Read more about Byrd from The Boston Herald’s Steve Buckley.


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