Pitino on WLKY-TV

I won’t recap what Rick Pitino told WLKY’s Fred Cowgill in an interview today. You can watch for yourself at WLKY’s web site. I don’t think new ground was broken. As Cowgill said in his lead-in to the report, Pitino is “moving forward.”

I will, however, transcribe for you the questions Cowgill asked Pitino in the nearly 6 minutes of raw footage provided.

Question 1: You’re such a passionate guy and I have such affection for you, how are you doing as a person? I see you channeling . . . nothing’s changed . . . I mean, I see you diving into your work.

Question 2: My oldest son, Freddy, is 15 and we got to talking about this stuff the other day and I said, adversity is going to come for you. I see them as opportunities. You don’t think I’ve taken punches before? Because he’s looking at me like, through the eyes of a 15-year-old. I’m like, I’ve taken punches, but at issue is are you going to get up? Are you, and I was thinking of that out there, when they were losing it or whatever, are you going to get up, do you want to be here or not? And I see you that way, you’ve always been a fighter, and I say that as a compliment, that you’ve taken your punches, all the way back to BU when I was a graduate student and you were the coach there, we’ve known each other a long time. And it struck me, all the flashbacks in thinking about you, that that’s the common denominator. I was at Kentucky when you stood there coming from the Knicks and said we’re going to win, and win right away. I’m sitting from right here to you, and I’m thinking, “Wow!” That is your, not your legacy, but that is to me one of the strong characteristics about you, but do you see yourself that way?

Question 3: Your team. I’ve always believed that, first of all, there are very few good leaders and you’re one of them. I’ve seen you, and a lot of what we’ve touched on, have made you that. And I’ve always noticed especially with your teams, to some degree measure your personality. Do you think that’s true? And if so, what kind of team is this going to be reflecting as part of your personality. You know what I’m saying?

Last question: The landscape out there for the season, who do you think is the team, or the teams to beat, based on what, I guess a lot of it’s based on last year, and where do you fit into that?


22 thoughts on “Pitino on WLKY-TV

  1. If Pitino was going to talk to anybody in the media in Louisville it would be to Ferd Cowgill. Ferd has his head up UL's butt so far I.m surprised he was able to mouth the questions.

  2. Mr. Peccary always has such flowing responses to the Q's.I'd like to hear some relevant questions and responses on any impact to recruiting, team morale, staff morale, and $$$consequences of subpar performance that seems so likely at this point.

  3. I do think the Pitino hagiography will likely stop or be curtailed by most of the media. Still, you have to think a reporter has to ask a few tough questions in a situation like this even if the response is likely to be "no comment."

  4. to be clear I think Cowgill continues the hagiography as his questions are like tee ball level – softball would be a compliment

  5. Seriously, is that considered journalism. I have conducted interviews for WNST radio in Baltimore, and I've said nice things thing about my guests…. but those questions border on foreplay.

  6. Lawson, You drilled it from centercourt. These dickweed chauffeurs, pretending to interview, go where this celeb tells them to go with the questions. Let the wear the 'cap' proudly!

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