Something in the air today

Something strange is in the air today in college football, and I’m not talking about the flu bug that the Florida Gators are worried about in Floriday.

The Big East has caught it big time, with South Florida getting ready to upset Florida State and Cincinnati beating Fresno State.

In Ann Arbor, it was incompetence in the air. That’s the only explanation for a ruling with Indiana trying to put together a game-tying or winning drive, when officials gave, (emphasis on the word gave) Michigan an interception on a simultaneous possession catch, then refused to overturn it when it went to video.

Here’s my question: How come these calls always go to the big boys? How come they never get botched up in favor of the underdog, the unranked team, the non-rainmakers.

Regardless, it was a huge day for Indiana football. They had to settle for field goals on some great red-zone opportunities, but they outplayed Michigan in a lot of ways and should not suffer any kind of letdown after as encouraging a loss as you’re likely to see.

So the question becomes — what is in the air for tonight? Can Kentucky find some magic against what reportedly is an ailing Florida team, with even quarterback Tim Tebow relegated to a charter flight of players who may be sick? Rick Bozich will be there, Purell at the ready.

And what of U of L at Utah? Can the Cards put the icing on what is shaping up as a second straight out-of-conference week for the Big East?

The way things are going today, I wouldn’t rule either one out.

Stay tuned . . .


14 thoughts on “Something in the air today

  1. I normally don't care at all about Indiana, but what happened to them on that call was a complete travesty.It was wrong, and when the Big Ten officials "apologize" (not if but when), someone should be banned from ever reffing college football again.As for the sUcK, they have no shot against florida. Just like the last 20 times they lost. Even if it is FL 2nd string.UofL should put up a fight in Utah, but I think our line play is going to lose us another game. If the beef can step up and represent, we will have a chance.

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