Apologies, live bloggers

To the 2,000 or so of you who were participating in the live post-game chat after U of L-Pittsburgh tonight, I apologize for my abrupt departure. My laptop died on me. That left me, as they say, high and dry.

Rather like the Cardinals in the second half against Pittsburgh.

I was battling an in-and-out connection and didn’t get to answer as many questions as I would have otherwise. We’ll do better next time. But there are two questions that at this point I should answer.

The first, do I think that Steve Kragthorpe will return for a fourth season as U of L coach?

At the moment (and those are the key words), I’d have to answer no, I do not.

The second, if I were putting money on it, who would I bet on as a replacement?

I’d put it on Tommy Tuberville. I know U of L athletic director Tom Jurich likes Tuberville, he said it to me many times while he was going through the whole Petrino-Auburn mess.

Tuberville would seem to fit the mold U of L wants, though as an offensive coach, he isn’t as high-powered as Cards fans might have become accustomed to. Still, he’s won in the SEC, can recruit the southeast, and by all accounts is hungry after the whole Auburn deal.

I’m not big on talking about the next coach when there’s no vacancy. But the questions came, literally, about a hundred times. So there you have it. How much is it worth? Probably worth the 75 cents you’d plunk down for a paper in the morning.

I think this thing goes one more week before speculation begins to get crazy. A loss to Southern Miss, if that were to happen, would send you into a month’s worth of speculation and “done deals” and home shopping and so-called secret meetings and rumors upon rumors and non-denial denials.

So take this for what it’s worth. It’s not necessarily the guy I’d pick, though it might be. I haven’t done that breakdown yet. And we’ll hear every name under the sun over the next several weeks, barring a pretty dramatic Cardinal turnaround. There are still eight games left, and that’s a long time. But if I had to bet today, that’s the way I’d pick it.


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